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Pre-Op Required Tests
(Print this out and bring with you to your doctor's)

Give the following info to your doctor so he/she knows what medical tests you will need before your surgery with Dr. Lev. Make sure you take these tests NO SOONER than one month before your surgery as Dr. Lev wants the most recent test results possible and the closer to your surgery date that you take your tests, the happier he is.

Please scan and email the test results to Didi Carr Reuben at
Note: If you have questions or other concerns regarding our procedures or would like to make an appointment, please use our contact form. 

Note: If you have questions or other concerns regarding our procedures or would like to make an appointment, please use our contact form.

Pre-Op Required Tests
Hemogram (CBC)
Bleeding Studies (PT-PTT)
Blood Urea
Blood Sodium
Hepatitis C antibodies

* Please Note: If you are 40 or older, you will need a simple EKG test (in addition to the listed blood tests) which can be done by any doctor with an EKG machine.


Any drugs containing aspirin
Anything containing Vitamin E
Coumadin or any other blood thinning agent**
Anti-Inflammatories of any kind
Arnica or any homeopathic medication
Smoking of any sort
** Coumadin patients please note that you must consult your physician before going off the drug. It can be extremely dangerous to get off of Coumadin without a doctor's guidance....

If you are unsure about the drug, herb or vitamins you are taking it is probably best to just discontinue taking them starting three weeks prior to your surgery. You can resume again after the surgery with Dr. Lev's permission.

And of course, if you are a smoker, Dr. Lev recommends that it is best for you to stop smoking completely at least one - two months prior to surgery. Smoking hampers circulation and circulation is of the utmost importance during the healing process. This point cannot be stressed enough.

It is always wise to consult your physician when discontinuing any drug you take on a regular basis.

Important Note for patients who are flying to Costa Rica from other countries:

Please take one 10 mg Xarelto pill one hour prior to boarding the aircraft going down to Costa Rica. You don't have to do this if you are within a two hour flight of Costa Rica. But any longer flight must take this pill.

And always.....when in doubt about ANYTHING AT ALL, please feel free to contact us.